EV Go Overseas--Right Time!
Following the first quarter of this year, China has become the world's largest vehicle exporter by virtue of 1.07 million units more than Japan's exports, "Going Overseas" has become a major hotspot in the vehicle industry, and at the same time, with the electrification, intelligence has become the main theme of the vehicle industry, vehicle parts and components ecosystem restructuring occurs, thanks to the development of the domestic three electric technology and China's new energy vehicles to go overseas during the dividend period, China's new energy vehicle parts and components enterprises have accelerated in the layout and development of the overseas.

EV Go Overseas--New Growth! Open the second growth curve Southeast Asia as the world's fifth largest economy, with a population of nearly 700 million Southeast Asian vehicle market, with more and more young people as the representative of the local mainstream users, attracted by the quality of China's new energy vehicles; at the same time, Southeast Asian countries in recent years to embrace the initiative of the new energy vehicles, the government has introduced relevant industrial and financial support policies, and funding to support the construction of the relevant infrastructure and put, the The construction of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) and the entry into force of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) have provided strong support for Chinese new energy vehicle enterprises to expand in the Southeast Asian market, making it the next blue ocean market. Against this background, the 2024 Southeast Asia New Energy Vehicle Parts Industry Conference, hosted by EV GOVERSEAS, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 18-19 January 2024, to explore the opportunities of Southeast Asia's new energy vehicle parts industry and make the first stop for the globalisation of China's new energy vehicles to go overseas.


Setting sail ! 2024 Southeast Asia New Energy Vehicle Parts Industry Conference is themed with "Go Overseas--Right Time!New Growth!", the conference focuses on the market opportunities in Southeast Asia and local Thailand, and discusses the interpretation of vehicle access policies and compliance in overseas markets, and exploration of the path of globalisation of China's vehicle parts and components. The conference will bring together governmental new energy vehicle associations, domestic and overseas vehicle OEMs, new energy vehicle parts suppliers, charging piles/new energy vehicle three electric/numerical intelligence technology and equipment enterprises, investment institutions, import and export trade and enterprise representatives and other industry experts to create an industry standard around the
cooperation between overseas and business opportunities.The conference will be
a benchmark conference for the industry, focusing on the cooperation between
the industry and business opportunities! Aiming to promote China's new
energy vehicle parts industry to the world, and provide new ideas for enterprises to go overseas!

New Energy Vehicle Parts and Components Industry Attendees
Guest Speakers& Key Topics

Southeast Asia EV Market Business Tour (Vietnam → Thailand → Indonesia)

Supported by Southeast Asian vehicle industry associations and organisations
High-level Cocktail Party

Southeast Asia & China EV Parts Resource Matchmaking Meeting

New Energy vehicle Parts and Components Innovative Product Showcase
EV Parts Detailed Drawing
Government/ Association
Energy/Grid & Charging Infrastructure

Three Electrics
Intelligent (Smart Cockpit/ Smart Driving)
Vehicle Parts B2B Trading/Dealers

EV Components Company Participation Details

Opportunities and Outlook for NEV Market in Southeast Asia
Investment Analysis and Practice Sharing of EV Parts in Thailand
Programme for Quality Development of Charging Infrastructure
Prospective Technology Breakthroughs in EV Power Battery Outlook
Key technologies for the development of all-in-one electric drives for EV
Technical Analysis of 800V High Voltage Platform
Innovation and Development of Intelligent EV in the Post-Internet Era
New energy lithium battery industry PACK line intelligent upgrade application
Hairpin motor stator key manufacturing process mass production equipment solutions
How to take advantage of RCEP to open up the ASEAN charging pile market
Intelligence leads to new growth
China's New Energy Vehicles and Parts Going Overseas
International Market Expansion Strategy for New Energy Vehicles
Development trend of drive motors for next-generation EV
EV Market Business Tour
--Aims to build a bridge between China and the global EV market for exchange and co-operation!
With China's vehicle export volume surpassing Japan's to become the world's largest vehicle exporter in the first quarter of this year, it's the right time for China's new energy vehicles to go overseas! China's new energy vehicle industry has a significant leading edge, the industrial chain is relatively perfect and stable, and the products have strong competitiveness and cost-effective; EV Market Business Tour aims to promote the understanding of the global EV market in major regions and countries, the cognition of the investment environment and the insight of the opportunities, and to promote exchanges and co-operation through the exchange of multinational enterprises and the market, and to help Chinese enterprises to improve their competitiveness and help Chinese EV enterprises to make global layout. The EV Market Business Tour aims to promote the understanding of the global EV market through multinational enterprises and market exchanges and learning, to promote exchanges and cooperation, and at the same time, through learning from the experience of the best enterprises in different countries, to help Chinese enterprises to improve their competitiveness and to help Chinese EV enterprises to globalise.

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